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Most Scientists are amateurs

    Scientific research without a clear and valid epistemology marks the scientific amateur. Most scientists fall into this category – no matter how well paid, they are essentially technicians. Do you have a positivist or constructivist bent? Most scientists who claim that philosophy of science is inessential are de facto positivists. They believe that […]

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Scientific Knowledge is not Truth

Science perpetually revises its understanding of the world, destroying the old ground and creating new ground. It is one of the great beauties of the discipline – it does not rest on its many laurels. But this only comes from a position of uncertainty. The valid position that we do not know anything. Science in […]

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Science Cannot Save Us

  Many atheists claim that religion is the source of all violence. They are fatally mistaken. Many atheist leaders, including Napoleon and Stalin, have murdered millions. But the full irony of historical forces is far more fascinating. The religious persecution of science kept at bay the tools that allowed despotic leaders to wreak greater and […]

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skepticism & psuedo-skepticism

A certain extent of skepticism is quite healthy. The difficulty comes when the skeptics believe they are ipso facto correct. And/or when the skeptical inquiry does not come from a rational basis. Parapsychologist and noted skeptic Susan Blackmore said, “there are some members of the skeptics groups who clearly believe they have the right answer […]

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Is truth better?

There is a missing debate in the world of philosophy, science and religion. Is it better to know the truth and be miserable or live a happy delusion? Let’s assume for this argument that the truth would make you unhappy. It’s easy enough to concoct a situation – your child died in agony, but you’ve […]


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What is Buddha is an Atheist? Part I: The Flaws of Science

Buddha is an Atheist: a Spiritual Autopsy of Science and Religion is an upcoming 125,000 word book taking apart atheist misconceptions of Science and Religion through a series of specific topics. In Science, these are: Medical Science, Physics, Climate change, epistemology as philosophy of science, fraud, biology, peer review, and actual statements and beliefs of […]

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Buddha is an Atheist

My book: Buddha is an Atheist, a Spiritual Autopsy of Science and Religion is being published this June. Buy it. Read it. Or Whatever. Anyway,  here is the original essay that started the whole idea. The book evolved dramatically since then and is a heavily researched work. This article is not. It is more a […]

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