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Science Cannot Save Us

  Many atheists claim that religion is the source of all violence. They are fatally mistaken. Many atheist leaders, including Napoleon and Stalin, have murdered millions. But the full irony of historical forces is far more fascinating. The religious persecution of science kept at bay the tools that allowed despotic leaders to wreak greater and […]

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The Dilemma of God’s Morality

The Euthryphro dilemma asks whether morality is good because God made it so or whether God made it so because it’s good. In the first case, morality is relative because it’s based on God’s decision. If he decides to make it different for whatever reason (a change in biblical Testaments for example), then he can. […]

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From one point of view, Armageddon is heinous nonsense imagined by fundamentalists. Unfortunately, they are working to make it true, in a twisted dream of their own salvation while watching the unelect die horribly. There is no compassion in this image. Unbelievers get what they deserve, while the chosen get to sit on clouds and […]

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Buddhism and Neuroscience

Perhaps great feats are not supernatural, but merely a rare extension of the natural. On one show, a Chinese acrobat stacked six chairs, some on two legs, then did a slow handstand on top of the stack. On the TV show That’s Incredible, a Hindu yogi once got into a 2 square foot clear plastic […]

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Scientific Method?

Some worthy scientists subscribe to the religious idea of gazing at the universe with a sense of wonder and awe, but one suspects this to be an occasional experience for the average researcher. Lately they seem to spend the bulk of their time fulminating about religion, its deceptions and ill consequences. They call this atheism. […]

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skepticism & psuedo-skepticism

A certain extent of skepticism is quite healthy. The difficulty comes when the skeptics believe they are ipso facto correct. And/or when the skeptical inquiry does not come from a rational basis. Parapsychologist and noted skeptic Susan Blackmore said, “there are some members of the skeptics groups who clearly believe they have the right answer […]

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A few problems of science

Science has a number of funny problems. This post examines a few. Expert opinion weighs too heavy, for example. Lavoisier thought that heat was caused by caloric, a weightless substance. His view became the dominant paradigm. This was a regression in scientific view because previously the movement of molecules, the current idea, had been the […]

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