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Most Scientists are amateurs

    Scientific research without a clear and valid epistemology marks the scientific amateur. Most scientists fall into this category – no matter how well paid, they are essentially technicians. Do you have a positivist or constructivist bent? Most scientists who claim that philosophy of science is inessential are de facto positivists. They believe that […]

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The Supernatural

Websters online dictionary defines supernatural as ‘Not scientifically explainable.’ The US National Science foundation states that it does not support supernatural beliefs. To believe so is to pronounce an enormous arrogance, and further, an assumption that science already has all the knowledge needed to explain the entire universe! A strange consequence follows – that phenomenon […]

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Evolutionary Psychology – a lame theory

In my book, Buddha is an Atheist, there is a long section on the demise of the Modern Synthesis theory of evolution, based on epigenetics, laws of form, assymetry of action, lateral gene transmission, reliance on counterfactuals, non-adaptive structures, Cambrian explosion, circular reasoning, non-falsifiability of natural selection, internal constraints, phenotypic changes in mid-life, conservation of […]

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Blind Spots of Science

One of the problems with the view of science predicating the physiological over the mentative and spiritual aspects arises in the area of psychic phenomena. The scientific method demands that to prove something a phenomena must be replicable to an independent observer in an independent test. Why, though, does is this necessarily congruent with the […]

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Reincarnation & Mind

  In most religions, life after death is presumed to be a good thing, because most people believe in heaven and think that’s their destination. If one believes their after-life road leads to hell, it might not seem so great a scenario. The typical atheist response to ideas of an afterlife is that the person […]

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Scientific Knowledge is not Truth

Science perpetually revises its understanding of the world, destroying the old ground and creating new ground. It is one of the great beauties of the discipline – it does not rest on its many laurels. But this only comes from a position of uncertainty. The valid position that we do not know anything. Science in […]

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Atheism vs Non-theism

Tell a Buddhist that Buddha is an atheist and they will reply that he is a non-theist. The proper answer is – what’s the difference? The distinction, for me, is primarily cosmetic. It is more in application than essential belief. Atheism is a primary stance about the nature of the universe. God does not exist. […]