The Supernatural

Websters online dictionary defines supernatural as ‘Not scientifically explainable.’ The US National Science foundation states that it does not support supernatural beliefs. To believe so is to pronounce an enormous arrogance, and further, an assumption that science already has all the knowledge needed to explain the entire universe!

A strange consequence follows – that phenomenon are supernatural until they become understood by science. Rocks falling from the sky were once supernatural – evidence was even destroyed. But simple, non-scientific, obviously deluded peasant folk insisted it was real. So, to debunk this absurd, unscientific fallacy,

By the above definitions, quantum mechanics is supernatural, because science has not, by its own admission, proffered a valid explanation. Wave mechanics is merely a behavioral description; it is not a causal explanation. The greatest achievement in science is beyond its own reach, thus a supernatural phenomenon, thus invalid by the National Science foundation.

Another definition is beyond the visible, observable universe. So, dark matter is supernatural, ditto dark energy and even gravity. No one has ever observed a phenomenon called gravity – only its effect. It is extremely important to maintain high precision in scientific matters and the underlying cause called gravity, has not been observed.

Of course, one might say that not scientifically explainable means in principle, or with a future explanation. But this is a hollow reed. For there is no way to know what can never be explained versus what could be explained with the right research tools or theoretical outlook. A proper, new theory might explain anything, no matter how abstruse.




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